Be apart of the movement by buying into Alpha Program Licence Opportunities

Alpha Program Licence Opportunities

The Alpha Program provides two unique Licence opportunities via the Alpha Royalty and Associate Licences.

Alpha Royalty Licences are designed for more passive entrepreneurs who wish to receive, with little effort, a monthly return based on a percentage of all transaction fees paid by all members who participate in the Alpha Program in Australia.

Alpha Associate Licences are designed for more active entrepreneurs who wish to receive monthly income generated from fees paid by referrals by actively promoting participation in the Alpha Program to family, friends and others.

Royalty Licence

  • Low risk
  • No selling
  • Minimum buy in $1000
  • Monthly paid returns
  • Easy exist strategy
  • Three year minimum term

Associate Licence

  • Low set up cost
  • Be your own boss
  • Work your own hours
  • Ongoing training and support
  • Easy exit strategy

Alpha Program Licence Summary

Royalty Licences are a unique form of achieving a return on capital. Compared to shares, they provide a stable, fairly low-risk alternative. Instead of owning shares in a company that fluctuates daily, licensees receive monthly passive income payments based on a percentage of all the Programs transaction fee revenue.

Buying into round one of the pre-launch royalty offer of $50.00 per royalty unit could be very lucrative considering the forecast royalty unit value at the end of the program’s first year of operation of $175.00 and further forecasts of growth to $968.00 at the end of the second year.

Associate Licences are a great opportunity to generate active and passive income for those either (1) seeking work due to the current state of the economy or (2) who already participate in the Alpha Program as a business or Individual. If you're looking for a new or another way to generate income then complete the Licence Enquiry Form to learn more.

About Us

The Alpha Program incorporates Alpha ePay, used to record Alpha dollars, and the Alpha eMarket, used to promote where to receive and spend Alpha dollars.

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