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The Alpha Program is a new age customer dollar based reward program. The term Alpha Program incorporates the Alpha ePay transaction platform used by members to record Alpha dollars received and spent, and the Alpha eMarket online marketplace used to promote where to receive and spend Alpha dollars.  

Alpha dollars also known as ALPHAiCASH is a general term used to define Alpha gold, silver and reward dollars. An Alpha dollar is a complementary, digital, transaction-based currency that acts as money in its role as a unit of account.

One Alpha dollar is comparable in value to one cash dollar and like cash dollars the purchasing power of an Alpha dollar is subject to the twin factors of supply and demand.

Cash Account (Symbol c$)
Members can load their Cash Account with funds from their debit/credit cards. They can in turn use the funds in their Cash Account and transfer them to other members Cash Accounts to pay for the cash portion of any purchases or transaction and licence fees.

Gold Account (Symbol g$)
Members can transfer Alpha gold dollars from their Gold Account to the Gold and/or Silver Account of others.

Silver/Reward Account (Symbol s$)
Members can transfer Alpha silver dollars from their Silver Account to the Silver Account of others. When businesses give Alpha dollars away as a reward they are actually classified as Alpha silver dollars.

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The Alpha Program incorporates Alpha ePay, used to record Alpha dollars, and the Alpha eMarket, used to promote where to receive and spend Alpha dollars.

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