Dollar based reward program that offers interest free reward dollar loans

What is the Alpha Program?

The Alpha Program is a new age dollar based customer reward and economic stimulus program. 

The Alpha Program incorporates the Alpha ePay transaction platform used to record Alpha dollars received and spent, and the Alpha eMarket online marketplace used to promote where to receive and spend Alpha dollars.

Alpha dollars are a digital currency that acts as money in their role as a unit of account. One Alpha dollar is comparable in value and purchasing power to one cash dollar. 

Greater earning and spending opportunities

Receive up to 100% of purchase price back in Alpha reward dollars and spend the reward dollars towards the purchase of a wide range of products and services inclusive of vehicles, boats and real estate.

Refer others to join

Members receive s$30 Alpha dollars for referrals and s$20 Alpha dollars for their referral’s referrals. Members may also become Associate Licensees and generate additional cash income from their referrals.

Borrow Interest Free

Borrow Alpha dollars interest free and repay borrowings with Alpha dollars received for free as a reward or from selling unwanted items or providing services to other members.

How to get involved?

Members use Alpha ePay to pay and receive Alpha dollars and the Alpha eMarket to receive and spend Alpha dollars.

1. Join
Alpha ePay

Join the Alpha Program for free by opening an Alpha ePay Personal Account so you can receive and spend Alpha dollars.

2. Join
Alpha eMarket

You will need to open a free Alpha eMarket Personal Account and create a profile if you want to create classified listings.

3. Get involved in the Alpha community!

Refer friends and others to join and attend Alpha social events. Use your Alpha ePay referral link to receive your referral rewards.

Alpha Program
Pre-Launch Offer

Join the Alpha Program now by opening up an Alpha ePay account during Pre-Launch phase to receive the following benefits. If you have a referral code (refcode), enter it in the space provided on the form to be in the Alpha Program Launch Day draw for a chance to win s$100,000 Alpha dollars.

Free account to receive, borrow, spend

s$100 Alpha dollars to kick-start your journey

s$30 Alpha dollars for personal referrals

s$20 Alpha dollars for your referrals referrals

Access to interest free Alpha dollar loans

About Us

The Alpha Program incorporates Alpha ePay, used to record Alpha dollars, and the Alpha eMarket, used to promote where to receive and spend Alpha dollars.

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